twinduct™ Oval Flexible ducting reduces headroom requirements by 25%.


  • TwinDuct™ Oval chambered ducting for positive pressure ventilation designed to maximize headroom by 25%.
  • Standard Diameters: 12” - 72” (300mm - 1830mm).
  • Standard section lengths from 25' - 100' (7.5m - 30m).
  • Available with a selection of hooks and accessories for horizontal or vertical installations.
  • MSHA and CSA Flame Resistant TwinDuct™ is available in a number of high visibility colours.
  • Flame Resistant and Anti-Static (FRAS) TwinDuct™ meets international standards including Canada, South Africa and Australia.
  • TwinDuct™ is offered with Zipper, QuickSnap, Grommet as well as ring to ring connections with Multi-Clips.

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