ToughVent offers performance and efficiency
with a robust, durable approach.

The Tougher Advantage

ABC Ventilation Systems and CFW teamed up to develop a purpose-built range of underground mining ventilation fans and products that are strong enough to withstand the most adverse, corrosive underground conditions. The Toughvent range was designed and developed to answer the need of the mining industry for a hardwearing, locally manufactured product. With a design based on the latest ventilation technology, the Toughvent range offers performance and efficiency with a robust, durable approach.

The Toughvent fan range has been designed for use with ABC FlexLine and Hardline ducting for best results. Toughvent fans have stable performance curves with predictable duty points due to the exact tolerances applied during the manufacturing process.

In highly corrosive, abrasive and demanding underground Mining Operation Environments, Toughvent fans are rugged, durable and long wearing enough to meet the challenge, offering you the toughest ventilation solution.


One Supplier. One Solution. We don’t just manufacture class leading fans and ventilation ducting - we assist you through the whole process, making sure you get the full benefit of ABC Ventilation’s global experience and know-how from the start. Calculating your mine’s or tunnel’s exact air volume needs, and allowing for all conditions such as altitude, climate, and specific tunnel shapes, you can rest be assured that we will select the right product that will be fit for purpose providing reliability and performance for the entire life cycle of our product.

Because we are more than just a duct and fan supplier, ABC Ventilation addresses various elements in our approach to ensure a successful outcome to every project. These include intelligent product selection, design, customization, cost saving, communication, programming, and safety – as well as environmental issues. We are able to engage with you on-site or conduct an underground assessment followed by an in-depth consultation to advise you on the best course of action for challenging projects.

Our team has a long history of on-site and underground experience that feed into your project to ensure its success.

Superior Services

Mine and tunnel workers depend on and trust our products, designs and
integrated systems to efficiently and safely deliver clean air. We strive to deliver products and services that exceed client expectations and make a
tangible difference to our clients’ operations. We offer an extensive range of aftermarket services to ensure the longevity of our products in their operating environment.

We offer our customers the best in service and reliability which has placed us at the forefront of our industry. With a quality assurance program in place as well as experienced, qualified staff, we continue to bring you only top level expertise and experience in this field. Following the installation of your ventilation system, ABC Ventilation offers service and maintenance to ensure the operational reliability of your Toughvent fan at all times.

The modular design of Toughvent fans makes on-site maintenance both safe and simple. The modular sections give the product unparalleled structural rigidity. This also allows us to replace damaged components without having to discard the entire fan, keeping operating cost down.

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