Flexible ducting manufactured for mine and tunnel ventilation.


  • Diameters: 12” to 120” (305mm to 3050mm).
  • Various section lengths available for mining and tunneling.
  • Products available for positive and negative pressure airflow.
  • Hi-Strength product construction.
  • Industry-leading continuous inline suspension seam.
  • Available with a selection of hanging and levelling accessories for horizontal or vertical installations.
  • Fire resistant for mine safety and to meet local regulations.
  • High efficiency and quick coupling options available.


High pressure round ventilation ducting for positive airflow.

  • Example


Oval chambered ducting for positive pressure ventilation. Designed to maximize headroom in drift/tunnel by 25%.

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Round spiral wire reinforced ventilation ducting for positive and negative airflow.

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Accessories &

Smooth radius Elbows, Laterals, Wyes, Tees, Adapters and Transition accessories available. ABC zipper-repair sleeves and patching repair kits available.

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